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Treetop Retreat Seat

Arboreal bliss
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The Treetop Retreat Seat is a large, comfortable hammock-like chair which can be attached to a suitably sturdy branch of a suitably gorgeous tree at any height.

The seat is raised, lowered and held in place using a basic arborist climbing and suspension system.

Ensure, of course, that your route to the branch of your choice is clear or clearish of obstacles. Climb in and fasten the seatbelt and simply haul yourself up (made simple by the tried and tested aborist pulleys).

Remember to fill the handy pockets within the chair with reading materials, drinks and snacks and remember to have a wee beforehand, and away you go.

Swaying amongst the branches high above the ground you are far away from the hurly-burly and can snooze, read or just sit and think in perfect, leafy peace.

squeak, Jun 02 2006

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       Didn't johnny weissmuller do this? except the elephant did the hoisting. [+] I could do with this.
skinflaps, Jun 02 2006

       Take your bun up in the tree, too. +
xandram, Jun 02 2006

       //remember to have a wee beforehand// or take a few empty bottles up.
neelandan, Jun 03 2006

       I don't think I've ever had a wee beforehand. I've had a wee backhand on occasion growing up though.   

       just reading the description made me feel peaceful. ahhh... the bun...
epicproblem, Jun 03 2006

       Flag poles, utility poles, buildings, cliffs, freeway overpasses and bridges, billboards, cruise ship smokestacks could provide a perch.
popbottle, May 26 2013


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