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Chair looks like giant molar. Slightly uncomfortable.
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For the sake of art. And a final answer to that age old question of what it must feel like to be a bacterium in someone's mouth.
daseva, Nov 05 2007

Philippe Starck: The Tooth Stool http://www.bonluxat...he_Tooth_Stool.html
[jutta, Nov 05 2007]


       wow. thanks [jutta]. I'm going to stick with a [marked-for-expiry], and possibly post a Mouthroom for no apparent reason sometime soon (via the suggestions below (unless you guys wanna give it a go)).   

       I guess that would go in home:furniture?
daseva, Nov 05 2007

       A big CRT or stereo moulded as a tongue and gum coloured bean bags and the party would be ready to begin .
wjt, Nov 05 2007

       How many contestants can be seated? comfortably? A toilet like on the movie by M Judge "Idiocracy"? I need a picture. But how appropriate is a picture; of a group, of people comfortably sitting on a community toilet?
abadon, Nov 09 2007


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