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Triptych birdhouse warmer

three panel IR reflector (triptych) at birdhouse causes birdhouses to be warmer during winter so more birds live
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You may have seen three sided sun reflectors used for tanning, before people knew better, during the 20th century.

Just put something like that outside a birdhouse to warm the birdhouse, that way the birds are comfier, might reside longer (more viewing!). If people liked they could just have a highly IR reflective visible transparent actual painted triptych under the IR reflective coating.

It could be a kitschy or tasteful triptych as the birdhouse owner prefers.

beanangel, Dec 20 2016


       Most birds that need to stay warm in winter fly towards more equatorial climates. Haven't you noticed?
Vernon, Dec 22 2016

       It does sound like rotisserie, but it would confuse cats greatly [+]
not_morrison_rm, Dec 22 2016

       I stuck a metal tin thing up for the birds this year. They have more intelligence than me and abandoned it when it got too hot!
po, Dec 22 2016


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