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The Ultimate in Portable Gaming
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Ok, portable gaming sysytems. Nintendo Gameboy (Color, Advance, etc.), Sony PSP, etc.

I think portable gaming rocks. But I always wish my screen was bigger.

So here's my idea. A new game system, which is basically shaped like a Playstation controller. It has 2 joysticks (which by the way, no other portable game does). It has a cross-pad on the left, 4 buttons on the right, and triggers.

And in the middle, it has a screen. This screen lays down on top of the controller.

When folded out, it looks just like a DS screen. But it's better.

I'll try to explain. The screen has 3 slots in it. One slot on each side, except the side that's attached to the controller. Inside the slots, there's 3 more screens. These have small tabs. You grab the tabs and pull. This makes them slide out.

Once out, there's another screen on the bottom of each extra screen, except the top one. These fold out from under, and snap onto the top one.

You now have, instead of a 1x1 screen, a 2x3 screen.

It has kind of a grid, but it's as big as the whole controller.

Now, when it's folded down, it covers the joysticks. The joysticks rotate (like my headphones idea) so they can be pushed down into the controller, but they stay up when you play.

The on/off button is between the joysticks, under the screen when closed, so it doesn't turn on by itself.

The biggest portable game screen. Ever.

TahuNuva, Jan 22 2008

Portable gaming projector http://www.uberrevi...aming-projector.htm
[skinflaps, Jan 22 2008]

Pandora www.openpandora.org
[Spacecoyote, Aug 18 2008]


       ASUS EEE?
vincevincevince, Jan 22 2008

       VR goggles ?
8th of 7, Jan 22 2008

       Definitely VR goggles.
MisterQED, Jan 22 2008

       [vincevincevince] What?   

       [8thofSeven] NOT VR goggles! That defeats the purpose! VR goggles aren't for portable gaming...   

       Why all the fishies?
TahuNuva, Jan 25 2008

       Better to wait for e-paper displays to become cheap, then have a roll-up screen with a simple folding frame.
Or add a small projector to the unit, and use any wall.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 25 2008

       Why aren't VR goggles for portable gaming? Why wouldn't you want a Sony myvu port for a gameboy?
MisterQED, Jan 25 2008

       The hinges where the screens fold out would be visible. Instead of having one big screen, it would look like 6 small screens (as opposed to the 2 offered by the Nintendo DS). How could this be made durable and practical to manufacture? Could the unit maintain a usable form factor?
ed, Jan 25 2008

       [neutrinos_shadow] projector would have to be seperate, making it less portable. Otherwise it would shake with play, and that would be amplified by being projected.   

       [MisterQED], you would get lost in your game. It would be hard for people to interrupt you. Sounds good, but really it's not if you think about it.   

       [ed] Yes, they would be visible. But you have the same problem on the DS, and not many people complain. Manufacturing. Well, that is a problem. But if I figured that out, I'd be making it, not talking about it. Form factor, you mean would it be rigid when you play it? It could. It could have an attachment to snap on the back of the giant screen, folds in half, put it in your game case.   

       Anyone changed their mind on the fishies?
TahuNuva, Jan 26 2008

       You could always just buy a good book.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 26 2008

       Maxwell_Buchanan, yeah, but why buy it before you check it out at the library? Don't answer, that would be off-topic.
TahuNuva, Jan 27 2008

       "VR goggles"   

       Well, nintendo tried that (and failed miserably) with the dreaded "virtual boy" the thing was only red and black, it could not be strapped to your head, instead it had a TRIPOD!!! also the screen flickered so much it gave you a headache.   

       I suppose if they tried again, and at least had a head strap, and the screen didn't flicker so much, maybe it wouldn't be so bad.
Dickcheney6, Aug 18 2008


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