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velocity sensitive illuminated dance streamers

Place streamers of optical fringe on costumes or toys, A LED & CPU note the celocity then change the color of the viridescent streamers to go with velocity, synchronized dancers have synchronized costume colors!
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The fun person has streamers of optical fringe on their costume, A LED & CPU note the velocity then change the color of the viridescent streamers to go with the speed, Then synchronized dancers (fine art) have synchronized costume colors!

Also, athletic runners could have visible, coachable instant pacing, and, children could have fun with responsive color streamers when playing.

As a catnip laser mouse toy, the tossed about catnip mouse could light up its streamer which might be like optical fiber to reiterate the well known laserpointer cat phenomenon, while under cat guidance.

beanangel, Oct 18 2016


       I believe there are already both children's toys and automotive wheel add-ons that function in a similar manner, although LEDs noting velocity is a new wrinkle.   

       Is "optical fringe" a thing ?
normzone, Oct 18 2016

       "optical fringe" is a thing the moment you say it. like, optical fiber lamp filaments of corn silk texture, mixed with feather boa lengthiness. not WKTE, yet comletely obvious at an optical play streamer.
beanangel, Oct 18 2016


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