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Tripwire , firewall-on-the-plug

Small plug device that connects to your ethernet port and provides basic firewall
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I was poking around for building small tcp/ip devices, and discovered there are a few tcp/ip/ethernet components available that litereally aren't much bigger than the plug. combined with some very small fpga or other components, it might be possible to make a plug device that looks like a DSL-phone-adapter, but which provides a small firewall for your laptop while travelling... keeping the beasties out when you plug in to a strange network.
bigattichouse, Aug 29 2005

Something like this? http://www.costcent.../G07927/halfbakery/
[DrCurry, Aug 29 2005]

Lantronix Inc X-port http://www.lantroni...-servers/xport.html
Programmable RJ45 socket with a built-in webserver, and programmable. [Dub, Aug 29 2005]

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       X-Ports...I've got a few... they're sockets though... You can program'em in c/pascal.
Dub, Aug 29 2005

       Linux doesn't need a firewall. I could never understand why windows programmers would allow external connections to influence your computer.
Aq_Bi, Aug 29 2005


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