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Trojan Bad Doggie Prank

Give 'Em a Gift They Won't Soon Forget (And Will Take a While to Get Even With)
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The Trojan Bad Doggie is a beautiful life-like cute furry little dog you can give as a gift. Typically you would give this to someone who has pranked you in the past. The cute little doggie just sits there looking adorable until the middle of the night when everyone in the house has gone to sleep.

At that time, they are programmed to perform several tasks, including:

- finding shoes and chewing them up;

- relieving himself on the floor;

- tipping over garbage cans and spreading the contents;

- find the nearest open window and barking loudly;

(The Trojan Bad Doggie uses Optical Object Recognition circuitry to recognize its targets)

When the household members wake up and come out to see what is going on, they will find the cute little doggie has completed his mission and will be scooting his butt across the carpet making "hahahaha!" sounds...

Grogster, May 29 2011

This Is Fluffy ... http://www.flickr.c...os/buro9/314286663/
Somewhere, under all that fluff, there's a dog (apparently). [8th of 7, May 29 2011]


       "This dog will self-destruct in ten seconds .... nine....eight ....
8th of 7, May 29 2011

       Hang on a sec. Is this a sort of Aibo-gone-bad (Asbo), or is it a real puppy which has been trained to malevol?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 29 2011

       Sounds a lot like a Pukey.
8th of 7, May 29 2011

       Is there some way to send [8th_of_7] a cat disguised as a dog?
mouseposture, May 29 2011

MaxwellBuchanan, May 29 2011

       //is it a real puppy//   

       [MaxB], this is not a real doggie. With [8th]'s slight exploding modification (implied above), the resulting entrails and half masticated Kibbles and Bits usually found on the interior of a real doggie would push this evolution way past something most people would refer to as a "prank"...
Grogster, May 29 2011

       //Is there some way to send [8th_of_7] a cat disguised as a dog?//   

       [mouse], that idea has real possibilities... when [8th] heads for the sleeping pod(s) the cat would shed its cute furry little doggie outer layer and proceed to sharpen its claws on his, er, their, er, (whatever) furniture, shredding upholstery with reckless abandon. You can be pretty sure it would soon be "The Artist Formerly Known As Bad Kitty" shortly after discovery.
Grogster, May 29 2011

       // a cat disguised as a dog? //   

       It's called a Shih Tzu, and we know ALL about them. They are lazy, disloyal, demanding, highly intelligent, and like to sleep in sofas and beds.   

       But they don't dig up flower beds to crap in, nor do they kill songbirds for fun. And they don't shed fur and fleas everywhere, or claw the upholstry   

8th of 7, May 29 2011

       If it's any comfort to you, [8th], GROG-co is not planning on making Trojan Bad Kitty Dogs... Even the most blatant and opportunistic capitalist has to draw the line somewhere...
Grogster, May 29 2011

       <With growing unease, turns to the "NEW !" section of the latest MaxCo catalog>
8th of 7, May 29 2011


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