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USB Perpetual Power Supply

Device that plugs into a computer's USB port and claims to provide power
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The Perpetual Power Supply is a simple device.

The prankster plugs in the usb cable of the device into his device (or other device) and plugs the power adaptor into his device as well. The device then powers itself.

Obviously, it's really just a disguised battery pack that only charges if the USB cable is plugged in. Probably would be a bit expensive to manufacturer, though presumably it could also be used as a portable battery pack.

Or you could just give the device two usb ports and claim it allows two devices to charge each other.

This is the kind of joke that relies on the presentation skills of the prankster as well as on careful selection of a sufficiently non-technical victim.

aguydude, Jul 24 2011


       Defenitely needs some sort of complicated software with helpdesk.
zeno, Jul 24 2011

       and/or danger of getting shot in the head if some energy company person is nearby and falls for it.   

       Shades of the lady's solution in the "The trouble with Lichen"
not_morrison_rm, Jul 24 2011

       Can it shoot out sparks when it's full?
ldischler, Jul 24 2011


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