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Trombone clips

Telescopic wire clips
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The common wire "paper clip" as exemplified in Microsoft's paper clip assistant is suitlable for temporarily attaching a few sheets of paper together.

But it falls short of keeping papers in line, especially in high wind conditions.

For use in such windy locations, I propose the "Trombone clip" which makes use of concentric hollow wires, and expands from normal 1" length (2.5cm) to 4" (10cm). This additional length will keep your papers from blowing away!

A flattened "bell" could help to spread the load, and serve as a design feature to recall its musical heritage.

csea, Jul 31 2006

(?) Like this? http://www.greatbig...om/paperclip12.html
Well, almost. Gotta love that site - greatbigstuff.com [wagster, Jul 31 2006]

Bone Paperclip http://www.google.c...&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=
Other kind of 'bone [csea, Apr 30 2011]


       "Microsoft's paper clip assistant" [gets out bazooka - PFOOMF! BOOOM!]
DrCurry, Jul 31 2006

       Hey! I'm not advocating the MPCA, just using it to demonstrate the type of clip I mean. Keep your bazooka on "stun!"
csea, Jul 31 2006

       Some of us don't even like to be reminded of it!
DrCurry, Jul 31 2006

       A drawering would shur help us week minded types to figger what y'all are talk'n 'bout.   

       Does it expand to fit or is it expanded in comparison to the regular (M$ or not) paperclip?   

       Does the flat bell go under the paper? Like a tiny clipboard?
James Newton, Jul 31 2006

       //The common wire "paper clip" as exemplified in Microsoft's paper clip assistant// The French term for this shape of paper clip is, in fact "trombone."
mouseposture, Apr 30 2011


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