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Velcro Desk

Get a grip in the office.
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Simply a desk covered in the soft velcro, and equipment on the desk covered in the hook velcro (on the base at least).

Things like coffee mugs, staplers and phones would not be knocked off the desk easily, and pc peripherals would not slide around (try putting a zip disc in an external drive with one hand).

Also the soft desk material would be nice and warm to lean on...

Some kind of solid mat would be required for writing on and using a mouse (although an optical mouse may quite like the textured surface).

MikeOliver, May 21 2003

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       picking up a full hot mug of coffee might prove tricky
po, May 21 2003

       A smooth upward pull should disengage the mug with minimal spillage.
MikeOliver, May 21 2003

       The act of Velcro(R) separation carries a high vexibel level for me. I also can't stand the feel of the other (the non-fuzzy "hook" ) side of the hook and loop interface. I did give this an uptick on the pastry meter, simply because I know a lot of people who should have something like this on their desk/work area.
latka, May 21 2003

       The hook side only goes on the underside of stuff - i took into account the feel factor, and the hook velcro is nasty stuff, however, the soft velcro is lovely.   

       Also, anyone trying to pinch your stapler when you are busy or snoozing, will be given away by the tell tale tear...
MikeOliver, May 21 2003

       If the screens around your deskicle are also covered with loop side velcro, you can keep some items, there, thus freeing up valuable desk space.
oneoffdave, May 21 2003

       ah yes, utilize the previously unused space. Not just the cubicle walls and desk top though. Any item and surface can be covered. Possibilities are endless, really.
lintkeeper2, May 21 2003

       (upon further reflection)......one may end up with a different sort of clutter problem then. Also, is it really an original idea if I can already purchase such items?
lintkeeper2, May 21 2003

       Do you work on a boat? Why are your stapler and phone falling off your desk so often?
phundug, May 21 2003

       //A smooth upward pull should disengage the mug with minimal spillage.// I really think you should experiment with this in the name of health and safety. I can see the whole lot going over your papers.
po, May 21 2003

       //I can see the whole lot going over your papers.//   

       What's spilling coffe on your papers got to do with health and safety?
scubadooper, May 21 2003

       // is it really an original idea if I can already purchase such items?//   

       Possibly a link would clear up as to where i might purchase a velcro covered desk and accessories.
MikeOliver, May 21 2003


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