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Trough and Bench

A simpler concept for bars and pubs
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Too much time and money is spent decking out pubs with themes and employing barstaff.

Simplify the pub to a long, fairly shallow stainless steel trough; and put long wooden benches up each side, with mugs on chains. Continuous beer flow into the trough, straight from the tanker out the back, using a ball-cock system.

Pay a standard price at the door, come in, sit down, dip the mug into the trough and drink...

Harry Mudd, Nov 16 2003


       Why do you need the steel to be stainless?
Tiger Lily, Nov 16 2003

       OK, enamelled. Or porcelain.
Harry Mudd, Nov 16 2003

       Rivers of wine are Baked, as are fountains; not sure about about rivers of beer.
DrCurry, Nov 16 2003


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