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Transitional glassware

Glasses that change colour when your drink gets warm.
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Sometimes when I'm working and I'm on the floor picking up glasses It's hard to tell who has finished their drinks and who hasn't If there were glasses that utilized some sort of thermochromic glass that changes colour when your drink approaches room tempreture. this would make the glasses that nobody has been drinking easier to spot and nobody would get angry when their half finished beer is picked up off the table. People would also see that their drink was getting warm and drink it up straight away (nobody likes warm beer eccept the English.)

I know that you can get mugs and other novelty items that change colour when they get warm to expose a naked chick or somthing but as far as I'm aware this technology has yet to be implemented in a usefull way in bars.

Gulherme, Apr 13 2003

Heat sensitive mugs http://www.idea-exp...lassware_mystic.htm
Similar. When mug exceeds 120°F the design changes. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Eskimo Joe's http://www.eskimojoes.com
Eskimo Joes Restaurant [Bowner42, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(?) The Brits Bake It http://www.ggcade.c.../electrostatic.html
Check out their number 11 offering. [Canuck, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


bristolz, Apr 13 2003

       Thats the word I was looking for.
Gulherme, Apr 13 2003

       You OBVIOUSLY haven't been to Eskimo Joe's in Stillwater, Oklahoma! During the day, it's a restaurant. After hours, they close the kitchen and keep the bar open. The drinks are traditionally served in dinky plastic cups with the Eskimo Joe's log on them; different colors of up and logo. Not on anything close to a regular basis, sometimes they use cups that do change colors in just the fashion you mentioned! Actually, they're intended for cold drinks, so they change color with cold drinks. As the drink warms to room temp, the color of the cup goes back to what it was. Therefore, the idea is baked.
Bowner42, Apr 14 2003

       Bowner42, I think you did something wrong when you made that link. Would you like to try again? Try the "edit" link to fix it.
snarfyguy, Apr 14 2003

       Bowner42, I finally found the website (why doesn't your link work? Dunno!) and if their cups do change colour then they don't mention it in regards to the stuff they sell in their online store.   

       Besides, those are cups and I assume they are plastic, from your description, whereas Gulherme's idea was about glassware, so your link doesn't bake it. However, take a look at the British link.
Canuck, Apr 14 2003


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