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Tequila Shooter

A Cuervo Cannon
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Inspired by those theme park water fountains that launch a single sphere of water through the air.

The Tequila Shooter loads an ounce of Tequila into a chamber and uses an air driven piston to lob a perfectly spherical ball of Tequila over ten feet in the air to land in a bar patron's mouth. Patron wears goggles and has chin perched on a pedestal that is set at pre-measured height and distance. Bar folks pay to line up and take their turns getting shot. Photos of the magic moment are available as an extra cost souvenir of their weekend south of the border.

wombat, Aug 06 2003


       We used to have something a little similar at a local nightclub with SupaSoaka water guns carrying Vodka 'n Orange, Jagermeister, etc. But I like the image of the globule of water. Would this work as well travelling horizontally as vertically?
fergdeff, Aug 06 2003

       [Fergdeff] I have seen a device lob a ball of water in a fairly flat arc this distance.
wombat, Aug 06 2003

       This would never work.
sild, Aug 06 2003

       Alcohol doesn't have the surface tension that water has to keep the ball together. Or even make a ball for that matter.
thejini, Aug 06 2003

       Perhaps if it was encased in a thin capsule that burst on impact? Or fill waterproofed rice-paper bullets with tequila? +
rodti, Aug 06 2003

       This would also look great if there was a strobe light on. You could see the ball float slowly across the room.
SunTzu, Aug 06 2003

       It would work well with soft Jell-O shots.
wombat, Aug 06 2003

       ruins my memories of a certain evening involving glasses of tequila sunrise. <sigh>
po, Aug 06 2003

       It's all well and good until a worm gums up the works.
phoenix, Aug 06 2003

       what is it with the worm? is it like a canary down a mine shaft? very worrying. no worm in my tequila sunrise <I hope>
po, Aug 06 2003

       no, yuk
po, Aug 06 2003


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