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Trouser Mouth Pockets

Pockets that look and behave somewhat like mouths
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Trouser Mouth Pockets have zips that look like teeth, hidden under seams that look like gums, but their best features are their concealed tongues.

These are revealed by reaching inside and pulling their pockets inside out. This action brings into public view a sticky red tongue, with the loose change and other contents of your pocket, stuck all over its convincing surface.

xenzag, May 25 2007


       I like the tongue, making it easier to pull your pocket inside out, but I hate the idea of it being sticky...   

       By the way my tongue isn't sticky. It's just warm and moist.
ColonelMuffins, May 26 2007

       Wanna see an eliphant? //pulls out both pockets to make the ears and unzipps fly// Wanna see an eliphant?
zeno, May 26 2007

zeno, May 26 2007

       Help my hand is stuck in my pocket!
jhomrighaus, May 26 2007

       [refinement] You can have two sets of pockets: "dry tongue" pockets for your hands, and "sticky tongue" pockets for your bits and pieces.
xenzag, May 26 2007


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