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True Music Mixing

PeterSealy’s art filter glasses reminded me of a similar idea my friend and I used to play with, but with respect to music.
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All performers’ and composers’ recorded oeuvres are uploaded to and analyzed by a machine. The user selects options from categories such as genre, song and performer. The machine integrates the selections and the user listens to the results. So if the user wanted to hear what, say, Captain Beefheart circa 1968 would have sounded like covering, say, the Stooges’ “Search and Destroy” but with a Calypso twist, he or she would instruct the machine accordingly and enjoy the results (or not).
snarfyguy, Jun 13 2001

Dictionaraoke http://www.dictionaraoke.org/
Different ballpark, same city [phoenix, Mar 29 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) XARC Mastering - The Online Mastering Studio http://www.xarcmastering.com
Awarded Online Audio Mastering Studio from Germany, offeringaudio mastering (CD / Vinyl / DVD) services worldwide through the internet. [lorenzv, Feb 09 2011]

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       I would want better synths for most music, though. If the software is creating new tracks--wawa guitar, say--to add to a song, then current technology just doesn't cut it. Once you get a synth that can 'play' BB King or Jimi Hendrix realistically, then you're on the way. And, incidentally, the lines between creator and audience start getting very blurry (which is neither good nor bad): you create a very hot remix of classic Canned Heat in a grunge format with some techno overlays, and all your friends want copies--are you the artist or are you an interactive audience?
Dog Ed, Jun 13 2001

       I'm sure that someone (Victor Borge?) used to do something like this; Mozart in the style of Fats Domino, or vice versa.
[Dog Ed]'s right about synth guitar; I've yet to hear one which sounds even vaguely realistic. Bass guitar is easier, but my brother (bass player) can always spot them.
angel, Jun 14 2001

       I'm all for being innovative with music - IF - the means to an end lays out a path for live musicians to take the altered track to a new extreme. If it is an end in itself, and there is no innovation, no understanding, nothing except the sound produced, which could not be reproduced manually - that's cookie-cutting.
thumbwax, Mar 29 2002

       No reason why this thing couldn't have a notation editor to generate sheet music for live musicians to perform.
bristolz, Mar 29 2002

       No reason why this thing couldn't have a notation editor to generate sheet music for live musicians to then perform.
bristolz, Mar 29 2002


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