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True Playoff System

Now we will know who the true "Champion" is.
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First some housekeeping, reschedule all professional sports so the regular season finishes up at the same time. Now the fun can begin! All playoff qualified teams are placed into a random drawing to find the opponent and sport. Top seeded teams will be pitted against lower seeded teams in each round, and of course, there will be rules about number of players on a team so the Tiger Woods does not end up in a soccer match against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Now you have a playoff system and one true World Champion.

Shamelessly stolen from what I thought the "Playoff system admitting every team with a positive record" idea was going to be about

cblunds, Aug 21 2007

Playoff system admitting every team with a positive record Playoff_20system_20...20positive_20record
Stolen from what I had hoped this idea was. [cblunds, Aug 21 2007]

For some reason, this reminds me of an old idea of mine. Ultimate_20Combo
[globaltourniquet, Aug 21 2007]


       I always wanted to see the Chargers play the Padres, swinging bats at a football.
normzone, Aug 21 2007

       Something like this was done where I used to work; there was a thing called the 'Challenge Cup', for which any team could challenge the holders at pretty much anything they liked. The team I was in at the time won it at Trivial Pursuit, and then lost it at football.
pertinax, Aug 22 2007


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