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Ultimate Combo

Soccer / Football / Horse Racing / Golf / Basketball / Hockey / Rugby / Tennis / Polo / Swimming / Mountain Biking / Auto Racing / Wrestling / Baseball / Badminton / Track and Field /...
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Why not just combine every (non-judged) sport there is into one? Among all of the combo-sports ideas we have seen, this is the ultimate. Picture this:

The playing field:

Huge, perhaps three of four acres to accomodate multiple surface types. Mostly consisting of lawn, but with patches (hazards?) of: swimming pools, ice surfaces, hardwood, cement, dirt track, etc. An auto racing surface is interleaved throughout the field.


All manner of players, with several representing each discipline and occupying the field approriate to the sport they are suited for. Some on horseback. Some in race cars. Some wearing skates, others carrying raquets, whether tennis, badminton, or other. All should be wearing padding somewhere between what a baseball player and an American Football player wears.


One ball, leather, the precise average in size, weight and shape of each representative sport. Sports in which there is no "ball" (such as the various racing sports) do not contribute to this part of the game. The hockey puck will be considered here, along with the LaCross ball, the baseball, golf ball and polo ball, and every other ball.


On each playing surface, a goal recalling the goal of its associated sport, but suited for the Ultimate Combo Ball. Also, end zones at the ends of the field like in rugby or American football. Score one point per goal scored, regardless of type of goal.


When a player representing any given sport gains possession of the ball, the rules for that sport are immediately adapted, and the ball is moved to the nearest location that would be appropriate for that sport. The defensive team may involve three players in the ensuing play representing any of the other sports, and if one of those players gains possession according to the rules of the current sport, rule reverts to the rules of that player's sport, and the play continues with his team on offense. For a sport with no ball (such as racing) a slight advantage is given to the player intercepting the ball, and play continues in that player's sport.

For a sport with no offense or defense (such as golf or racing), play continues under those rules until a conclusion (one racer winning, the golfer reaching the hole in par, etc.). Possession is given to the team winning a race, or in the case of golf, if the player doesn't par the hole, then a scramble for possession (like a fumble in football) after the failed par attempt will determine the next offense and the next sport. Other rules can govern sport-switching, like perhaps the team on offense in a limited way can elect to switch by transferring possession of the ball from a hockey player to a shot-putter, for instance.

I don't know of any way to incorporate judged sports (such as gymnastics, figure skating and boxing) practically, but perhaps we could even do that.

globaltourniquet, Apr 30 2002


       Boy, have *you* mucked up the page layout! [jutta]'s gonna be pissed.
Actually, I was rather hoping this would be the pre-amp from a 1971 Laney, the power amp from a Vox AC 50,and two Celestion blue-chassis Classic 12s in the same cabinet.
angel, May 01 2002

       I can't even make any sense of this. How does a racecar driver gain possession of a ball? And what do they do then, get in the car and start driving... and the baseball guy has to run after him, trying to disable the car with a bat? And if he is somehow successful at that, the baseball guy can then pitch the ball to a batter, all the while trying not to be run over by the stampede of horses racing, and avoiding the rugby tackles? Sorry, this doesn't work for me.
waugsqueke, May 01 2002

       Format crime. My bad.   

       No the race car driver occupies the field, and may attempt at any time to gain possession of the ball. If he does, he runs to his car along with the opposing driver and they race. Winner scores one point for his team and the ball goes to winner's team, or there is a kick-off, or something.   

       Baseball's tough to incorporate, but I think if a baseball player gains possession of the ball, his team plays one half inning at bat with the other team in the field. Whatever player has possession of the ball at the moment of the third out determines the next sport to be played.
globaltourniquet, May 01 2002

       I thought for sure that "Ultimate Combo" would also involve some high school kids serving french fries.
half, May 01 2002

       Gymnastics and sailing: All it needs is a balance beam on the boat and a following wind.
st3f, May 01 2002

       Gymnastics could be included in the form of riders' tricky dismounts from the polo ponies. (Or the polo players could ride pommel horses instead ?!)
half, May 01 2002


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