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"Weighted favorites" MP3 player feature

Non-random shuffle
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An MP3 player feature that allows you to rate songs such that, your favorites tend to get played somewhat more often when listening in shuffle mode.
phoenix, May 18 2010


       I don't understand my ipod - I must be getting old...
po, May 18 2010

       It's called pandora :-)
skids, May 18 2010

       I find Pandora to be generally good, except that it stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that I do not want to listen to the Beatles, no matter how many times I thumbs-down them.
swimswim, May 18 2010

       no-one in their right mind dislikes the beatles! :)
po, May 18 2010

       [+] I would like a multi-user set of ratings, with a schedule of times during which each user's ratings are taken into account when selecting a playlist.   

       This would be for building background music -- each employee can rate what songs he likes/dislikes, and that info is used to select a compromise playlist based on who's scheduled to work that day, and from when to when.   

       Thus, the Beatles would play less often when swimswim is scheduled to be in, than when he's off from work; they'd play more often when po is in :)
goldbb, May 18 2010

       I could of sworn there was a plugin for one of the major pc media software packages, be it winamp or windows media player or maybe even itunes, that did the described function. I used to cheat and just load the song multiple times onto the playlist.   

       This would be a very easy function to do, just give each song a weighted number, OR do it so that x song shows up so many times per hour.
metarinka, May 18 2010

       My thought was to assign a numeric value. The default would be half-way up the scale of course. Changing the value would increase or decrease the odds of a particular song being played while in random play mode.
phoenix, May 19 2010


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