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USB Headphones

plug them into any portable usb memory
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instead of putting the mp3 player circuitry in the storage, put it in the headphones. at the end on the headphone wire is not a 1/8" stereo jack, but a female usb plug. stick any of those keychain memory sticks into in. any of those usb adapters that take smartmedia, compact flash, or sd cards, or even the next thing, whatever it is. usb will be around for awhile, even while memory gets cheaper and smaller. should be easy to do. the headphones assume the filesystem on the chip is windows based. play the first thing that ends in .mp3. FWD skips to the next as it walks the filesystem tree.
gnormal, Nov 15 2004


       Sony already did something like this... with no wire!
MikeOliver, Nov 15 2004

       where is it? i want one. i dont believe you.
gnormal, Apr 15 2005

DesertFox, Apr 15 2005


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