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Turkey Throat-Dangly-Thingy Key Fob

Real Turkey Throat-Dangly-Thingy as Key Fob
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Take that red thing that hangs down from a turkey's throat. Plasticize it, just like is done for those corpses on display (currently in London). Put it on a key fob. The bright red color is a sign of passion. The dangly-thingy has been a charm for good luck in romantic matters (goes back to American Indian folklore). Really, 'tis true.

Oh, and even though size doesn't matter, the large ones cost extra.
quarterbaker, Apr 12 2002

Kangaroo Scrotum. http://www.walkabou...p/novelty-pouch.asp
No, really. [st3f, Apr 12 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Turkey Nut Holder http://familyfun.go...n/craft/tkynuthldr/
This seemed the natural follow up to "Kangaroo Scrotum" [professorfrink, Apr 13 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Bull Stick http://www.sportsma...9g/pg27/item_4.html
Nothing to do with turkeys... [Guncrazy, Apr 14 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       if I drop it, it might even be big enough not to flop down a drain, if I am very lucky qb.
po, Apr 12 2002

       goes nicely with the rabbits foot and small fuzzy animal many people already have dangling. How do the turkeys feel about this?
rbl, Apr 12 2002

       ...and the kangaroo scrotum or cane toad purse in your pocket. Lovely. <shudder> fishbone.
st3f, Apr 12 2002

       I'd like Mephista's take on this.
po, Apr 12 2002

       st3f - these would come from turkeys that are already being slaughtered. The wattle (the throat-dangly-thingy) is currently discarded, so this idea would be increasing the use of the bird's parts. Which also answers rbl's question: they don't care at all. They're already dead.

po - the wattle on some of the larger turkeys (80+ lb. breeders) are large enough that they would not fall through most drain grilles.

I imagine tanning the wattles like leather, then filling them with some gooey material, like the old stretchy toys. Then the consumer can amuse himself / herself by molding the wattle into interesting shapes . . .
quarterbaker, Apr 12 2002

       According to my mother (who would never lie to me, right?) there were certain men in the 1970s who, after having a vasectomy, had the excised piece of their vas deferens laminated and kept it on their keychain to show women that they were 'safe' to take to bed. For some reason, this reminds me of that...
Jeremi, Apr 13 2002

       I tried not to look when I saw the idea name...I resisted but I finally succumbed.   

       Why not have little faces drawn on them as well? I think we need an illustration from bristolz.
bluerowan, Apr 14 2002

       Jeremi, with all due respect to your mother, that can't possibly be true. Laminated vas deferens? Like anyone would take it as proof, and not mistake it for the piece of cooked ditalini it probably was.
waugsqueke, Apr 15 2002

       life and the halfbakery coinciding....I have to say baked...ran across this today IRL as a New Orleans voodoo charm.
runforrestrun, Apr 16 2002


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