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Classic ballet with turkey costume for US Thanksgiving
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Jackie Lawson does wonderful animated holiday greeting cards. We got one today for Thanksgiving with 4 turkeys dancing to classical music.

This could make a wonderful high school or street ballet, with brown and orange fans and costumes. Maybe for America's Got Talent! What would be the best music?

RickRantilla, Nov 27 2014


       sp America's Got Talent?
not_morrison_rm, Nov 27 2014

       "Maybe for America's Got Talent!" is a statement, not a question!
RickRantilla, Nov 27 2014

       Live or stuffed turkey s dancing?   

       Ballet of the croissants and fish bones as an opening act ?
popbottle, Nov 27 2014

       I think Rick messed the joke... and welcome to the halfbakery.
RayfordSteele, Nov 28 2014

       Isn't messing a joke better than missing one? ... and thanks, glad to be here.
RickRantilla, Nov 29 2014


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