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Turning back sheath for curved swords.

A "back" sheath for curved swords that turn 90 degrees for unsheathing.
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Skallagrim pointed out that it would be "impossible" to unsheathe a curved sword from a back sheath since the blade is attached sideways. That could be fixed with a special sheath that normally is sideways and attached to that position with magnets. When you yank the handle to a side, those magnets detach an the sheathe turns 90 degrees. This allows you to pull the curved sword out directly forwards in an arc.
Thrust, Mar 30 2016


       If the curve of the sword is correctly an arc, part of a circle, then the sheath could have a section shaped like a pie-slice of that circle. the pointy end of the pie-slice is attached, allowing the sheath to rotate. Now arrange things such that when the sword is sheathed, a spring is compressed. A latch holds the sword in place.   

       To unsheathe, hold the hilt and flip the latch --the uncompressing spring pushes the rotating sheath all the way off the sword.
Vernon, Mar 30 2016

       I like this for the engineer / designer version of Project Runway, featuring turbaned and oiled Sinbadeque models suggestively unsheathing their back-sheathed curved swords to driving house music. Then they would duel each other up and down the runway.   

       Maybe this is already a show. If not, [calum] go ahead and describe the rest of it, please.
bungston, Mar 31 2016

       link to former discussion?
pashute, Apr 02 2016


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