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Switchblade with telescoping inner blade
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I've always been faintly disappointed with conventional switchblades. Not only are they mostly flimsy impliments unsuited for any but the one-handed, (and mostly illegal in the States for reasons I don't really understand), but not much technical work seems to have been done in the last fifty years on making a multipart blade that telescopes or ladders out into a longer cutting edge. You'd think with all the new materials science we could, since we put spam in a can and man on the moon, invent a decent improved switchblade with a doubled-over or tripled-over unfolding blade.
cloudface, May 09 2005


       So this is more of a "please invent this" than a new idea?
DrCurry, May 09 2005

       Beats me, Dr. C. I was kind of hoping someone would post a link. I think it <i>can't<i> be a new idea, don't you? Never seen the like, however. I am kind of plaintive here, though, ain't I? I obviously can't think of anything cutting to say in reply...hee hee.
cloudface, May 10 2005

       Who cares if it works as a weapon? The expression on their face when you open it will be enough.
5th Earth, May 10 2005

       </Bad Aussie accent> "You call that a knife...? Now *thees* ees a knife."</>
Adze, May 10 2005

       thats not a knife adze thats a spoon. By the way fqhwgads love the name. Interesting idea cloudface but ya swords and knives are a thing of the past for the most part, especially swords (except for decoration). I do think a switchsword would be more to impress than actually use - certainly beats a switchblade knife. Think of an LA gang or the cast from The West Side Story with switchswords instead of knives
CombatChuck, May 10 2005

       But a gun is such a clumsy weapon, that doesn't match the elegance of a sword - nor the effectiveness when used by the right person (yoda for instance).
MikeyTheBikey, May 10 2005

       Well, I carry my broad sword every where I go.
SpocksEyebrow, May 10 2005

       Yeah, I like asking people the question: if you had a choice, would you have had guns invented? It brings out the ass in people. Either way, you're going to have to promote some form of murder.
daseva, May 10 2005

       Comparing a sword with a gun is like comparing Le Cirque with a McDonalds.
hidden truths, May 10 2005

       Yeah - MacDonalds is much more lethal...
DrCurry, May 10 2005

       <poking gentle fun> Is which bit just you? The weird bit, or the outdated bit?</pgf>
david_scothern, May 10 2005


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