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Swiss Swiss Army Knife

A Swiss Army knife with holes in it, like Swiss cheese.
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A novelty product.
mrthingy, Jan 29 2003


       complete with cuckoo that pops out on the hour - swiss swiss swiss army knife
po, Jan 29 2003

       And is completely neutral
jammers, Jan 29 2003

       a chocolate attachment?
rbl, Jan 29 2003

       a numbered piggy bank
FarmerJohn, Jan 29 2003

       So the selection would be between different holes for different purposes, rather than between different tools?
pluterday, Jan 29 2003

       When you open up the tools from the knife, do they make a sound like curtains being drawn? A Swish Swiss Army Knife.
DrBob, Jan 30 2003

       It would have to tidy everything up into neat piles and polish leaves on hedges.
PeterSilly, Jan 30 2003

       <homage to "The Fast Show"> Using a penknife is very much like making love to a beautiful woman. Always make sure it is well oiled... </homage to "The Fast Show">
whimsickle, Jan 30 2003


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