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Throwing Star with MS Office Installer

A throwing star+boomerang that also installs Microsoft Office
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My idea is a throwing star that also installs Microsoft Office. It is made from a DVD-ROM, on which only the central portion contains data. The outer portions have cuts in a 'V' shape, which are bent out to form triangles that can cut flesh. It also has saw-teeth around the edge.

When thrown, it is capable of decapitating someone. It then returns to sender (how you catch it I haven't quite figured out yet). If you then need install Microsoft Office, you just bend the spiky triangles back down into the ROM so it fits in your drive, and install away!

andrewbee, Apr 07 2010


       The movies "Krull" and "Mad Max 2" should contain clues on how to catch such a device.
Aristotle, Apr 07 2010

       //how you catch it I haven't quite figured out yet// between your teeth?
pocmloc, Apr 07 2010

       Our microsoft-hating president declared us an open office company for a while. We spent money converting documents over, found that most of our customers and suppliers could not use them, spent money converting them back.
normzone, Apr 07 2010

       I didn't know Obama hates Microsoft.   

       you learn something every day
DenholmRicshaw, Apr 07 2010

       I didn't know Obama was also the president of normzone's company.
rcarty, Apr 07 2010

       what [morrison_rm] said
pertinax, Apr 07 2010

       I have used CDs where the printing or labeling was so unsymmetrical that the disks wouldn't read in certain drives because the high speeds make them vibrate. My guess is that this would have littple or no chance of working just because of the air currents from the spinning disk, add to that the likelihood of unbalanced disks and it gets even less likely.   

       You could however make a fine throwing star with an intregal USB stick. Make one out of a hard plastic and you could put just a surface mount connectors on a USB sized protrusion and you are good to go.
MisterQED, Apr 08 2010

       I have used credit card sized and shaped cd-roms that work fine. This should too - just balance it right.
wagster, Apr 08 2010

       //Our microsoft-hating president declared us an open office company //
Did it get a bit draughty?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 08 2010

       The MPen is mighty than the MSword
BunsenHoneydew, Apr 10 2010

       Or Open (as in OpenOffice, or open-source).
rcarty, Apr 10 2010

       I wonder which would do more damage to the computer, the throwing star, or the MS Office installation?
RayfordSteele, Apr 13 2010


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