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Single soldier, battery-powered, prone transporter
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Dark forms hug the ground as they silently creep up the darkened beach, slither between dunes and then worm through the village streets. Neither giant sci fi spiders nor egg-laying turtles gone astray, they’re invading troops on stealthy, crawling Turtle-vees.

The Turtle-vee is made up of five Kevlar-fiberglass plates to support the torso and lower arms and legs. The limb plates that make contact with the ground and bear up the middle section, are joined and powered to mimic the movements of a low-crawling soldier. A hand grip controls speed and steering.

The transporter's forward edges are curved upwards like skis, and it moves forward by sliding over and gripping the ground with downward, backward-facing, hard rubber claws. A back-packing infantry man is transported in a head and butt-down posture up to 300 yards while being afforded added protection from anti-personnel mines. The troops arrive at their military goal, safe, rested and combat-ready.

FarmerJohn, Apr 12 2004

Lower Extremity Exoskeleton http://abcnews.go.c...ehard_040311-1.html
I think you're thinking something along these lines, with more armor? [shapu, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Cool. Cooler than the sweater with the hybrid neck configuration I thought this was. Wouldn't the battery have to be pretty hardcore, and end up being heavy? You could make the backs of the panels solar cells, so your turtle-vee could recharge while basking in the sun.
dooper, Apr 12 2004

       I figure Segway-size batteries and motors at the rear should be able to power this for a several hundred yard grovel.
FarmerJohn, Apr 12 2004

       Fascinating idea. With a plug and hook attachment, a healthy soldier might be able to assist an injured soldier, or indeed any amount of wounded soldiers, to safety in a single file ant-like fashion ,with the settings on multiple assist or something.
cromagnon, Apr 12 2004

       For some strange reason, I thought this would be some new fashion for necklines.   

       Croissant, but I think this might be better suited to low profile transport of those unable to transport themselves, such as cromagnon's injured soldier, that backpack, other supplies, etc. Or put a dead weight on it, and let it remotely trigger those land mines.
DrCurry, Apr 12 2004

       Would these be amphibious?
How about weaponry?

       [2 fries] Add-ons might give this the K.I.S.S. of death.
FarmerJohn, Apr 12 2004

       I bunned this despite the blatant lack of drawing.   

       Battery life could be extended if the passenger is able to help move the limbs.
Worldgineer, Apr 12 2004

       See link. A simple exoskeleton already exists, but I like your version better - far more protection for the soldier in combat.
shapu, Aug 04 2004


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