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endowment funded, charter checked mercenary army.
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A mercenary army, well funded, well equipt. Think of Boba Fete. Armor sealed from water. Armor sealed from gases. Armor with a food supply.

Build the suit around DARPA's developments.

Ethics? The Octospiders take their orders from a panel of those who hate violence, Amnesty International, Budhist monks inc, Janists Inc.....

Octospiders will come in force at the request of a populace and they will conquer. As Mandos rightly should. The cost of the operation+ a bit from the dictators purse to take down others will be taken.

Fight THAT, two bit Totalitarian! WE have an endowment.

If I ever win the lotto, half of it is going for this.

Zimmy, Mar 30 2011


       Wouldn't the governing panel's first order to the Octospiders be to turn their swords into ploughshares? They do have swords don't they? Don't they?
DrBob, Mar 30 2011

       I thought for sure this was going to be a cephalopod exoskeleton idea.   

       Are you suggesting a trans-national peacekeeping force to rival the likes of the UN and NATO but which is not affiliated with any government or nation but instead answers directly to its members who are the ordinary peace-loving citizens of any country in the world?   

       If so, I'm in. But where do spiders come into it?
idris83, Mar 30 2011

       Ordinary peace-loving citizens of any country frequently will not agree as to policy.
RayfordSteele, Mar 30 2011

       /Boba Fete/   

       I think this was the scene where all the clones were partying.
bungston, Mar 30 2011

       Thinking about armor sealed from water and gases, with a food supply: such armor is intended for people who may rarely remove any part of it, for any length of time. Just wondering about elimination. Would waste products be retained in the armor or would there be a flap on the back, perhaps with armored buttons?   

       You would want any such buttons to be activatable only from the inside, because of the risk that enemies might decode the frequency and transmit it in the Heat of Battle.
bungston, Mar 30 2011

       On a more serious note and setting aside the Boba Frott stuff, I recall reading an editorial suggesting that the UN have a standing force of Gurkha peacekeepers. The theory was that the Gurkhas are kind of at loose ends since the Brits came home from their various overseas possessions. But maybe this already happens - I read that the Haitians blame Nepalese peacekeepers for bringing cholera to Haiti, and so maybe those guys were gurkas.
bungston, Mar 30 2011

       Octospiders were aliens in one of the Rama books from Arthur. C Clarke.   

       Bungston, funny they never brought up elimination that I can remember in any of the books describing Mandos or the Grand Army of the Republic.   

       They did mention eating and helmet removal, so I guess it can be assumed there would be a booty hatch, but astronauts don't have one.
Zimmy, Apr 07 2011


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