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Twin-lamp Lava Tube

A new breed of lava lamp
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This lava lamp has two bases connected by a pyrex/plastic tube. Could be scalable to larger size for a giant archway for a concert, etc. See illustration.
ophello, Sep 27 2005

Illustration http://hennesseydes...bs.com/LavaTube.jpg
Lava Tube illustration [ophello, Sep 27 2005, last modified Jan 10 2010]


       I'm a sucker for a pretty picture. Bun.
moomintroll, Sep 27 2005

       Want one.
zeno, Sep 27 2005

       You probably need some air space at the top to allow for expansion, but croissant. Especially for the giant concert version.
DrCurry, Sep 28 2005

       I wonder if the lava would find its way to the other side, or just fall back. Suppose it would have some momentum towards the other side, since it's floating in that direction.   

       A huge version would be plastic. Glass is too fragile that big...
ophello, Sep 28 2005

       [+] Twin buns!
xandram, Apr 18 2014

       Close the loop at the bottom, and light one side with LED, the other with incandescent. It will tend to produce a true circulation.
MechE, Apr 18 2014


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