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Washing Machine Lava Lamp

What goes around comes around.
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You've got to admit, there is something strangely fascinating about watching your washing machine go through its motions. Washing machine designers knew what they were doing when they made that little round door transparent. Seeing your disembodied clothes entumbling around each other in an oddly sensuous circular dance makes you see them in a whole new light. With no regard for fashion sense or colour co-ordination, illicit, soapy relationships are often formed between random items of clothing which would otherwise never meet about your person.

Shaped like a conventional Lava Lamp, the Washing Machine Lava Lamp takes this alluring aspect of apparell to a whole new (ornamental) level. Instead of lumps of wax, the WMLL is filled with tiny replicas of the contents of your wardrobe. Smaller even than doll's clothes, these tiny shirts, jumpers and jeans are suspended in an oily medium slightly more viscous than water. A tiny propeller revolving slowly and hidden in the base of the lamp keeps the contents in constant, languid motion. From a distance, it just looks like a morass of intricate blobs of colour; but on closer inspection, there's a slow motion waltz going on between your favourite pair of trousers and that shirt you've never worn that you bought from a charity shop.

Each Lamp comes pre-stocked with a single tiny sock made of some mysterious material with a specific density that ensures it will always waft in a lonely fashion around the main column of clothes.

lostdog, Oct 18 2004


       It's not often we get to vote more than once on an idea. It's a pity that only one of them registered.   

       I assume from [2fries] comments that this is a resurrection.  I hadn't seen this before now.  As is usual with [lostdog]'s contributions, this is a great piece.
bristolz, Oct 18 2004

       I would have bunned this just for the phrase "illicit, soapy relationships", but since it's a great idea too, I'll bun it anyway. Also.
DocBrown, Oct 18 2004

       Yeah, I forgot about this idea. Have a +
sartep, Oct 18 2004

       There's something about your writing style and the subjetcs you portrait in your ideas [lost], that always make me assume they're yours before getting to the bottom of it to confirm, with a smile, that you're behind another masterpiece. Not once I've missed. [+]
Pericles, Oct 18 2004

       lost for words...
po, Oct 18 2004

       [bristolz] - it's a new idea, but it was posted last night just before another (mercifully short) HB crash. The HB was soon restored, but the votes on this idea were lost.
lostdog, Oct 18 2004

       Ah so.
bristolz, Oct 18 2004

       A lava lamp made out of an old washing machine would also be a great idea. I couldn't possibly evoke it as well though. [+]
wagster, Oct 18 2004

       You da man, 'dog.
FarmerJohn, Oct 18 2004

       " Instead of lumps of wax, the WMLL is filled with tiny replicas of the contents of your wardrobe."
Alternatively make a full-size one for a delicately wafted lava-lamp handwash.
st3f, Oct 19 2004

       Dammit, UB, that's excellent. I must remember to think bigger on my next post.
lostdog, Oct 19 2004

       Excellent, [lostdog]. There's no window on my machine, so I'll just have to have my suspicions, I suppose.
lintkeeper2, Oct 20 2004

       This is amazing. Pure halfbakery genius, sans pirates.
methinksnot, Feb 27 2007


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