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Thermochromatic Lava Lamp

Swirls of color in every lamp
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Lava lamps are very nice things to have. I love to sit and watch lava lamps.

One thing that could make them even better is to impregnate the wax with a thermochromatic dye that changes colors at the same temperature that the wax changes bouyancy from float to sink (and vice versa). And maybe the liquid inside. Then we'd have a multi colored shifting lava lamp.

You could watch the thermal currents, not just the wax.

DesertFox, Jan 13 2005

Previous version Cooler_20lava_20lamp
[robinism, Jan 15 2005]

GB 2399446 http://v3.espacenet...C&IDX=GB2399446&F=0
A lava lamp wherein one of the substances may be phosphorescent or be thermochromic [xaviergisz, May 31 2005]


       Good stuff.   

       Wax? That's lava!
robinism, Jan 14 2005

       Now that's an idea!
FarmerJohn, Jan 14 2005

       Very excellent.
calum, Jan 14 2005

       hmmm not quite thermoelectric but not a bad idea...
madness, Jan 14 2005

       Cool - now get back to coding!
zen_tom, Jan 14 2005

       Essentially the same as a previous idea on Halfbakery. (see link). Redundant...?
robinism, Jan 15 2005

       just saw the autoboner... 13:34 GMT, 15/01/05
david_scothern, Jan 15 2005


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