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Twist-wash toilet exits

Just go and twist
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This replacement for a toilet exit handle is

1) a hole for your hand

2) a retractable, twistable soapy brush within

3) water spray and

4) dryer

This is my last door handle post unless I am divinely inspired in a location to be named later.

4and20, May 14 2013


       ...sounds too dangerous!
xandram, May 14 2013

       Perfect for washing and drying hamsters.
skinflaps, May 14 2013

       A hamster?
skinflaps, May 14 2013

       Well would you look at that. These new stalls have built-in glory-hol... MY EYES!   

       In general terms of 'a door handle that washes and dries your hand' I like it, so here's a sanitary bun. The proposed mechanism needs development.
Alterother, May 14 2013

       [4and20] called it a //toilet exit handle//.
(when was the last time you exited a toilet?) or the first time for that matter!
xandram, May 15 2013


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