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Two door knobs

One each side each side
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Doors that only open in one direction are not as convenient as those that can open in two - inwards and outwards.

Therefore, general convenience would be quadrupled if the door could open to the left or to the right.

I propose a door be fitted with two door handles on each side, one on the left and one on the right. There would be a hinge on each side as well. When the door was shut, both sets of hinges would be engaged, so the door would be held securely in its frame.

When one knob was turned, the pins of the hinge on that side would retract, freeing that side of the door and allowing it to open hinging on the opposite side.

Turning both knobs at once would allow the door to be easily removed from the frame. Or, a mechanical interlock could prevent both knobs being turned at once.

pocmloc, Jun 02 2010

Combine that with this :) _22Pull_20Only_22_20door
[goldbb, Jun 02 2010]

No Doorknobs, opens many ways. http://dornob.com/r...le-ensures-privacy/
[kamathln, Jun 25 2010]


       // to be easily removed from the frame //   

       ... falling on the user, and crushing them.   


       How do you create an effective draught seal ?
8th of 7, Jun 02 2010

       [8th], there are already commercially available doors that open both inwards and outwards. This door would work like them. If you don't like them, you can have it opening only inward or only outward, but to either side. Then it has a normal draught seal.
Or perhaps you were thingking about blocking your opponent from moving his pieces to your side of the table?
Or ways in which furry marine animals could be delivered through bar-mounted hand pumps?
pocmloc, Jun 02 2010

       There are windows that sort of do this. When you open them on one side, the opposite side "locks" to become a hinge. Somehow I always find them rather disconcerting.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 02 2010

       drinking 2 cups of coffee while I contemplate this   

       call it - two door knobs and I will endorse it.
po, Jun 02 2010

       How can this have gone on for so long without a single Tudor joke?
swimswim, Jun 02 2010

       [po] - I have called it two door knobs to the best of my ability; I will try harder to make the duple knobbiness of my portal nomenclature more doubbly.   

       [swimswim], such puns must be reserved for the idea ‘chew door knobs’, where said objects are made from rawhide for the delectation of your dog.
pocmloc, Jun 02 2010

       Have we done dog-level doorhandles already?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 02 2010

       [+] I like.   

       [blatant plug] To complicate (and perhaps improve) it further, design it so that turning any one doorknob only allows the door to be pulled open toward the user, not pushed away ;) [link]
goldbb, Jun 02 2010

       + this I like! +
xandram, Jun 03 2010

       no one can tell...
hippo, Jun 04 2010

       ... when a quantum door is not a door.
mouseposture, Jun 04 2010

       I see the autoboner prefers sliding doors.   

       Perhaps it walks through walls?
pocmloc, Jun 05 2010

       One advantage to this would be how much more easily the door can be removed to make it easier to get large furniture through, a fantastic and achievable idea +
ComatoseSheep, Jun 05 2010

       This is very easily achieved. Just remove the knob from one side of each door, leaving the spindle in the door. If you need to go through a door without a knob on your side, just pull off the knob from the spindle of the door nearest you, slide it on to the spindle on your door, and twist. This way every remaining knob in your house will be used for both of its nearest doors, and will therefore be a "two door knob". You will have exactly half as many two door knobs as you have doors.
wagster, Jun 05 2010

       [wagster], this deserves a post of its own; I suggest putting it in home:door:handle and perhaps titling it “Two Door Knobs”. But, your idea would not always work as described - in my house, all doors open off a central hallway, so each room has one door only from the inside, except the hallway which has 7 doors opening off it. Perhaps the subtitle should specify “for linear (or toroidal) houses”
pocmloc, Jun 05 2010

       Like for the fact it would be fun to set up pranks on. set it up so that the door falls out in to some ones hands.
dev45, Jun 07 2010

       Easily removable doors. hmm.. Party door, Wedding door, normal door, professional door, spiritual door, scary door(for Halloween).. whoo! and a door for night thats very confusing (or has advanced lock) to avoid thieves.   

       (phone rings) Honey.. My key isnt working .. did you get the door replaced?   

       Now to solve: where to store all these?
kamathln, Jun 11 2010

       I would tend to worry that in the absence of an interlock, many people would accidentally remove a door if they use one knob to open it, then close it almost all the way (but not quite enough to lock), and then try to open it with the other knob.   

       Adding an interlock would solve that problem, but I'm not sure how one could best design the interlock to avoid having the door jam in such a way that it couldn't be readily opened.   

       As for adding 'pull-only', that might be accomplished if each door had four sets of hinges (one on each face of each edge of the door). Unlock three sets of hinges to allow the door to open from one edge, in one direction. The interlock complexity might be nasty in that situation, though.
supercat, Jun 11 2010

       Whereabouts on the door should the third knob be placed - the one which enables cat-flap mode?
pertinax, Jan 03 2022

       Cat flap is epoxied shut to keep them out.
pocmloc, Jan 04 2022


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