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Two Door Knobs 2

Add an additional door knob above the first for door opening purposes
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In my current habitation arrangements, I have learned several lessons. One of the more surprising things is my monomaniacal, perverse and unimaginative view of the role door knobs. I've been using door knobs for the following:

1. Opening doors 2. Closing doors

Sometimes the two are combined into one smooth, neigh, balletic action:

3. Opening and closing a door

My better half on the other hand has assigned a near infinite functional diversity on the item I considered so mundane. It's main role, apparently, is storage. Tracing a path through the house, on the back of the front door we have a hair tie, work ID & scarf, next door: purse, medium shopping bag with miscellaneous knick-knack inside, next door: small lunch cooler, another hair tie (x2, both sides), next door: another hair tie, this one large & satiny & bag containing smaller bags. Upstairs: hanging thing for cat to scratch (doesn't) & (other side) hair tie and one of my neck ties that I distinctly remember carefully throwing on a dressing table last month. And so on.

In the storage role, the door knob clearly excels, however, it does make using the door as a door quite difficult. So, the solution. I've noticed that above the door knob, is a space. In this space, a functional door knob could be fitted. The knob should be designed as a gentle cone shape sloping away from the door so that it's physically impossible to hang anything on it without it sliding off. The knob can have a slightly grippy surface, or ridges perpendicular to the door for ease of hand grip so long as the average cardigan cannot find sufficient purchase.

There, now we can open & close the doors again. Now, to expand the gap behind the door so that it opens fully despite the fact the vacuum is now apparently stored there.

bs0u0155, Jan 04 2022

Ring pull, flush mounted https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008QA47G4
You *could* hang stuff from this one if you really wanted to, I guess. [a1, Jan 04 2022]


       You really only need to PULL - doors being easy to push shut ignoring the knob in most cases. Flush-mounted door pulls that you can't easily hang things from are pretty well baked.
a1, Jan 04 2022

       The door handle could be a straight rod angled outwards and downwards at 45° which would be turned through 45° to unlatch the door. Impossible to hang anything from yet ergonomically functional for pulling, pushing and unlatching.   

       The rest of the surfaces of both sides of the doorcould be fitted with coat hooks.
pocmloc, Jan 04 2022

       //Sometimes the two are combined into one smooth, neigh, balletic action://   

       I too enjoy dressage.   

       Cover the entire door with shelves. Fill the shelves with books. Connect one of the books to a lever which opens the door. Cover the rest of the wall with bookshelves too, so it blends nicely. Stay in the room and read the books.
pertinax, Jan 04 2022

       Now we have a door that's all, "Wow, heavy door, better lean into this one, oh, it's moving. Oh, stop, stop, STOOOOP! now the books are everywhere!"
bs0u0155, Jan 05 2022

       Yay; books everywhere!
pertinax, Jan 05 2022


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