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URL slide show

Present a slide show of websites
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I want to be able to go to a website like tiny.url (or a program) and enter a number of of useful URL addresses within a corporate website. Rather than sending a viewer an e-mail full of links that have to be manually clicked individually, I would rather the customer click a single link, sit back, and watch the website slide show. The viewer should have the ability to pause, go backward or go forward as with most still image slide shows. The program/site could be used to send funny or interesting links to friends or family. The program/website could be designed to export Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or other favorites and run a slide show of favorites.
Sunstone, Jun 24 2008

S5 - simple HTML-based slide show http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/s5/
Doesn't do URLs and isn't a service, but it's a very nice, clean HTML-based slide show that I could imagine someone extending. [jutta, Jun 24 2008]

google image slideshow google_20image_20slideshow#1035478800
[xaviergisz, Jun 24 2008]

Enter a keyword, watch videos on that subject back to back http://www.youtube.com/leanback
Watch videos on any subject in a continous series [Sunstone, Nov 10 2008, last modified Dec 24 2010]


       Good idea! This is totally doable - just about an afternoon's worth of work.
jutta, Jun 24 2008

       A previous employer of mine developed a Web browser as a commercial product.   

       We had a testing tool which was a bit like this. It was basically a bit of Javascript which would send the browser to a randomly chosen Web site, wait for 30 seconds or so, and then send it to another one, and so ad infinitum. It was called the "browser buster" and we used it to test for memory leaks, race conditions etc.   

       There isn't a single browser in existence which can run it for more than about 24 hours without keeling over.
Wrongfellow, Jun 24 2008

       yes - good idea - just the sort of thing tinyurl should do.
hippo, Jun 25 2008

       We did this!. I have absolutely no idea how we did it in the end. We MIGHT have used a feature in a Milonic DHTML menu or it may just have been a bit of javacode in an applet.
We used it do automatically scroll through a number of Building Management System graphics. I'll try and recall how we did it.
gnomethang, Jun 25 2008

       10 seconds, at say 60fps, gives 600 frames. One frame, per minute, for ten hours. I guess that's not a bad compression. But of course you need to include those ten seconds to your ten hours, so it would have to catenate that onto the end. And of course, that catenation* as well...   

       [edit] actually on second though, you'd never notice your catenations. Oh well.   

       * catenate, concatinate, whatever.
mylodon, Nov 10 2008


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