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Two Flues

Two Flues to rub together.
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Having only one flue is really not much better than being totally flueless. If you had two flues you would know that you can avoid creosote buildup by rubbing them together which creates just enough vibration to stop the buildup. You can also create a very efficient counterflow heat exchanger by having fresh air come down one flue and capture the heat from hot smoke going up the other flue. Many people think that the exhaust gases can only be so cold before dangerous creosote begins to form, but those sort of people don't have two flues to rub together.
JAK, Jul 29 2005


       How would you rub them together, but still have enough room for gasses to pass?
Worldgineer, Jul 29 2005

       No flues is good flues?
pooduck, Jul 30 2005

       are you talking about one inside the other, or side-by-side?
dentworth, Jul 30 2005

       I guess if you rub them together hard enough they will create enough heat to render fuel obsolete.
moPuddin, Jul 31 2005


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