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Wood Burning Mallard

Environmentally friendly famous train room heaters
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Wood burning stoves are regarded as carbon neutral methods of providing heat, and there is great satisfaction to be derived from poking and stoking a real fire. This same pleasure can be observed in those enthusiasts who attend to the needs of steam trains.

Wood Burning Mallard combines both these notions into one idea, in the form of a compact stationary replica of a famous locomotive, that also provides all of the heating needs of your home.

Instead of the excess steam driving the engine, most of it enters the domestic radiator system, although the pistons and driving wheels can still be made to turn, for entertainment purposes. The smoke simply vents up an extended chimney.

xenzag, Nov 04 2008

Mallard Engine http://images.googl...safe%3Doff%26sa%3DG
fully grown version [xenzag, Nov 04 2008]


       phew, not the duck.
po, Nov 04 2008

       Want ! Want ! WAAAAAHHHHHH !   


8th of 7, Nov 04 2008

       ...and all you posh bastards can f**k off with your Aga's!
wagster, Nov 04 2008

       Now there's a novelty. in the past, it was always domestic and domesticated animals, or close relatives.
8th of 7, Nov 04 2008

       For some time I've wanted a wood-fired steam engine to generate electricity and heat my home. Perhaps your replica could also be used Wallace and Grommit style to provide in-house transportation.
spidermother, Nov 05 2008

       Could it be combined with a sub-woofer draught maker, to provide that deep, satisfying "whooomp" sound that a steam loco makes when starting up? [+]
coprocephalous, Nov 07 2008

       It's important that it is made such that it can take attachments - for example, to grind coffee.
hippo, Nov 07 2008

       That's a good idea, [hippo] a sort of modular steam system that household items can be hooked up to (in series or parallel) in order to draw power - a sort of horsepower house. I'd have that, assuming the risks of explosion were kept to a relatively low level. Potential kitchen appliances might include; whisks, mixers and blenders, washing machine, fridge (a pump is run by steam that pushes stuff around a heat exchanger), and in order to cater for all those non steam items, a generator in the garage.
zen_tom, Nov 07 2008


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