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U-turning blinker

A special indicator for when you're making a U-Turn.
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When there's somebody in the left turn lane, and they've got their blinker on, you can never tell if they're going to make a U-Turn or not.

One possible implementation of the U-Turn indicator would be to just make "fast blink" mean U-Turn, but then you'd have to make the fast-blink relay modifications illegal.

This is especially useful to the people who are making a right turn from the crssing lanes. They can now tell if somebody is going to make a sudden U-Turn into their lane.

slacy, Mar 05 2002

A complete set of signals http://bz.pair.com/fun/indicators.html
Link changed. Should work now. For some reason the dns entry went away overnight. Sorry, TW. [bristolz, Mar 06 2002, last modified Mar 27 2002]

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       how many blinkers are enough? fishbone.
Sulla 's Ghost, Mar 05 2002

       Experience shows bad drivers don't signal. No sense providing even more tools they will never use.
rbl, Mar 05 2002

       Bristolz: Your car illustration looks exactly like my mother when she comes to visit!...Sort of like Edvard Munch gone to Detroit, via the old Sunbeam factory. Wonderful artwork.
jurist, Mar 06 2002

       *Weeps* "Page Cannot Be Displayed"
thumbwax, Mar 06 2002

       Where's its holographic detachable back and email address registration plate? And shouldn't it be transparent? But that's minor niggles. Big scones and muffins and fruit-loaves to bristolz.
pottedstu, Mar 06 2002

       bris! You've outdone yourself. **applause**
waugsqueke, Mar 06 2002

       bris has executed The Car of Our Dreams: "We" being my carpool partner and I. Long have we talked (like, ten years now?) about the need for these features.   

       The only thing missing is the Multiple Warhead Stupidity-Seeking missle array. (It has to be Multiple because if you just sent out one, it wouldn't know where to go first with such an abundant selection all over the Interstate.)   

       Am I allowed to give a croissant? If so, so I do.
threeoutside, Mar 06 2002

       [bristolz]Hurray for your inclusion of the windshield wiper fluid for tailgaters! Great work.
dana_renay, Mar 06 2002

       Most u-turns that close to an intersection are illegal in most states. I do like the idea of superbright led signs that can 1> indicate turns and 2> send actual messages to other traffic such as a> do NOT pass now and LIVE! or (in the case of illegal u-turns) TICKET ME!!! TICKET ME!!!
jbodden, Mar 08 2002


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