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For when you don't know where you're going.
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Many people get annoyed or even infuriated when driving behind a car that is being driven very slowly.

Many people also get annoyed when driving behind cars that make turns or change lanes without indicating.

And many people get annoyed when driving behind cars that brake suddenly.

When people are lost or looking for an unfamiliar address, they are quite often prone to making the manoeuvres described above.

Undicators would function separately from the indicators - I propose something discreet, such as the number plate illumination flashing on and off (although this may not be very obvious during the day). When activated, it will serve to alert other drivers that you are unfamiliar with the locale and may perform sudden swerves, emergency stops, meanderings, or other such blips in your (obviously) normally impeccable driving.

Knowing that someone is lost will ease tension in people who would otherwise be gnashing their teeth and screaming "Why is that car driving so SLOWLY?!"*

* or erratically / why didn't he indicate - or any other comment made by many people (me included) when the guy in front is driving particularly badly.

kmlabs, Dec 05 2006

Inter-car communication Inter-car_20communication
Redundant with this, and a number of other, similar ideas. [hippo, Dec 12 2006]


       How to make an annoying driver more annoying. Bone.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 05 2006

Hazzard lights work wonders.

       sp: hazard   

       Hazzard lights would only be required when you are going to jump a creek with your car.   

       Considering how reluctant drivers, especially male drivers, are to pull over and get directions, how many drivers would be willing to let others know they're lost? The only way I can see it working is if it specifically points out it was the passenger's fault.
Canuck, Dec 06 2006

       A generally recognized sign "I'm searching" would certainly help.   

       [Canuck] male drivers don't ask for help, because the likelyhood that it will get them anywhere is low compared to the likelyhood that they will get their ears chewed off by a local, who uses cryptic references. Females may enjoy the chat for itself (ask psychologists about that), but I (male, hard of hearing) don't.
kbecker, Dec 06 2006

       I, hard of hearing, ask for directions all the time. However, I don't really *listen* when being given said directions. I get the first couple of turns down and from there on in it's all Charlie Brown adult noise, as far as I am concerned. Therein lies my doom.   

       However, I would never turn this thing on to signal my obvious lost-ness to the world. You'all are going to have to suffer behind my lost ass on a one lane road because of my pride. My bad.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Dec 06 2006

       I also don't hesitate to stop for directions. I don't enjoy being lost, wasting time or being late.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 06 2006

       //Charlie Brown adult noise//   


       Wah wah, wahwahwah, waaah
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 06 2006

       I'm picturing a "?" shaped third brake light-like feature that flashes on and off. Maybe green in color to indicate "Go ahead, pass me, I don't know where I'm going."   

       I'd use it.
Hunter79764, Dec 06 2006

       What about a "?!" shaped light that conveys that the directions you just got have proven to be inaccurate.
Texticle, Dec 06 2006

       Maybe (to bring up an idea that may have been mentioned here before) a scrolling LED sign on the back reading "These directions I got are $&%@!", just to avoid any confusion.
Hunter79764, Dec 06 2006

       In 2030, when all cars have computer screens on the back and run Windows operating system, there could be a cute animated display when the driver is searching for something. Like a flashlight rotating back and forth and revealing a green "exit" sign, then erasing it again.
phundug, Dec 06 2006

       there's always some silly person that leaves their undicator on...
po, Dec 06 2006

       This would also be good for old people, although I dought they would use it.
BJS, Dec 08 2006

       I assumed this was going to be about undies.
david_scothern, Dec 08 2006

       [david_scothern], I did wonder about calling them Undicators, for that very reason.   

       Maybe they would be better called Unindicators?
kmlabs, Dec 08 2006

       [po] I did consider that - I guess the easiest solution would be to make them auto-cancelling after a set period (say 10 minutes?) of time.
kmlabs, Dec 12 2006

       . . . and then there are the people who drive that way in their own neighborhood. . . I think it might be better to issue special paint guns to good drivers who could then mark the outside of the clueless drivers' cars. Kind of like the way they mark trees for culling. . .   

       but then again I don't have a car ;-)
esperance, Dec 12 2006

       //As pedestrians very few adults will impulsively turn direction on the pavement and dash out into the road //   

       No, but they do stop short in the middle of the mob of crowded, fast-moving pedestrians to answer their cell phone. (I like to crash into them - they usually apologize and if not they're too busy answering their phone to chase after me.)
phundug, Dec 12 2006

       [phundug] you're so right - one of my pet hates is inconsiderate pedestrians.   

       It's not just for answering cellphones either.   

kmlabs, Dec 13 2006


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