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Universal Sync Turn Signals

A small bit of order in a chaotic world
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Many cars have GPS receivers nowadays. Which means that they have access to a very precise, highly accurate real time clock. So why not use this clock to establish a pattern for the turn signals? Turn the light on for the first half of each second, and off for the second half. That way everyone's turn signals will always be synchronized, eliminating one of the major annoyances in life.
ytk, Feb 08 2016

Emergency Stop Signal https://en.wikipedi...op_signal_.28ESS.29
A standardized distinctive flashing frequency related to [lurch]'s suggestion [notexactly, Feb 09 2016]

same goal Synchronised_20Indicators
using 2005 technology [calum, Feb 09 2016]

Not nearly as cool... Bubbling_20Turn_20Signals
[normzone, Feb 09 2016]

Could be integrated into this idea Downloadable_20turn_20signal_20clicker
[normzone, Feb 09 2016]


       A dozen or so perfectly synced turn signals at a light might hypnotize motorists, at least the ones not already entranced by their cell phones. I like it. [+]
whatrock, Feb 08 2016

       This is a fantastic idea. I will implement this when I finally get around to designing my bicycle turn signals (which I have to remember to write up and post here sometime).   

       The only problem I can think of is that when you activate the turn signal, you want the first flash to be immediate. But it could do that and then sync up gradually over the next few cycles. Or, if the car is waiting at a light, or the driver pushes the turn signal lever slowly, then it can wait if necessary and start in sync.
notexactly, Feb 08 2016

       I wonder if the level of OCD would rise or fall as a result.
RayfordSteele, Feb 09 2016

       Make an offset or different pattern for emergency flashers. Then you can tell them from turn signals, even if one's burnt out or obscured by other traffic.
lurch, Feb 09 2016

       Left and right have to be on different half seconds.
FlyingToaster, Feb 09 2016

       It would be visually interesting, but people pay so little attention to turn signals already I think this would increase that danger.
normzone, Feb 09 2016

       Prefer if this technology was used to ensure no two signal timings were ever the same. Within a limited observational area should be sufficient.
tatterdemalion, Feb 09 2016

       I just want the ones of the car in front of me to be synced to the music I'm currently listening to.
RayfordSteele, Feb 09 2016

       + This is so sensible!! Well...almost.
xandram, Feb 10 2016

       How have we ever lived without this? [+]
hippo, Feb 10 2016

       Could also add windscreen wipers in sync with this as well. Good for rainy days.
mofosyne, Feb 12 2016

       The accuracy of GPS timing is so good that couldn't the furthest indicator adjust for transmission delay?
Ling, Feb 12 2016

       I thought GPS-based clocks already did that.
notexactly, Feb 12 2016

       [Ling] - //adjust for transmission delay// - Say there's 8 km of cars backed up behind you. On the other side of the intersection, there's another 8 km of traffic. Who's viewpoint you gonna adjust for?
lurch, Feb 12 2016

       For some reason, I am currently wondering whether tanks have indicators. And why don't aircraft?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 12 2016


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