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UFO Saucepan Lids

modify saucepan lids to become more convincing as UFOs
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Many of the images of UFOs turn out to be pics of saucepan lids. These are easily detected as fakes on closer examination.

UFO Saucepan Lids have all of the additional detail required to make them become more convincing as extra terrestrial vehicles, but without affecting their ability to perform their original kitchen cooking appliance function. These are all available in a variety of permutations.

From basic research, there seems to be a few features that authenticate 'genuine' UFO images: rows of tiny windows (with the occasional blurred image of an alien peering out); engine apparatus detail; strange surface marks that could be alien hieroglyphics.

An easily detachable handle completes the transformation into a fully functioning UFO Saucepan Lid, ready for flinging in the air as the cameras record its wobbling motion.

UFO Saucepan Lids are available in a range of widths, and rim variations to enable them to retrospectively fit existing pots and pans. Range may be joined by "UFO Detailed Cigar Containers".

Inevitable delux version comes with alien style stirring spoon and scaled down alien figure.

xenzag, Jan 21 2019

The Martians https://www.youtube...watch?v=3SAbJjktk7E
Nothing like real Martians, of course ... [8th of 7, Jan 21 2019]


       megaplus bun.   

       I'll take several in different sizes, of the deluxe version with steam-driven whirring sound.
FlyingToaster, Jan 21 2019

       But what if alien civilisations are even now redesigning their spacecrafts to look more like saucepan lids so as to more easily escape detection?
hippo, Jan 21 2019

       Those pesky aliens have a lot to hide.
xenzag, Jan 21 2019

       Then clearly if a UFO sighting looks like a saucepan lid, then it is an alien spacecraft, and vice-versa.
RayfordSteele, Jan 21 2019

       // alien style stirring spoon //   

       Will there be a matching Metal Knife, and an implement for taking cooked potatoes and Smashing Them All To Bits ?   

8th of 7, Jan 21 2019

       Everything is possible when it comes to alien accompaniments.
xenzag, Jan 21 2019

       "In space, no-one can hear you doing the washing-up ..."
8th of 7, Jan 21 2019

       //Many of the images of UFOs turn out to be pics of saucepan lids//   

       Hubcaps always seemed somewhat more popular than saucepan lids to me.   

       Closely followed by "experimental" aircraft & drones of course.   

       Once worked for a place with a small library including a fairly extensive collection of Jane's back issues, flicking through those lunchtimes made it pretty clear most non hubcap related UFO's of the 70's & 80's (those that weren't pretty obviously just atmospheric phenomena) had near identical analogs among craft & drones in common use by the 80's & 90's.   

       //modify saucepan lids to become more convincing as UFOs//   

       All evidence points towards this being a gross waste of both time & effort, people are often stupid enough to accept photo's of lenticular clouds as UFO's & vast numbers of them have in the past proven happy enough to embrace perfectly ordinary hubcaps & saucepan lids as alien craft, so why waste time gussying them up to be more convincing, clearly they're already as convincing as they need to be.
Skewed, Jan 21 2019

       I saw a graphic once of "Most Common Designs of Reported UFOs" (or something like that).
They were obviously and easily grouped into Pot Lids, Hub Caps, and Light Shades (and some combinations of those). There were only 2 or 3 (of 60 or so) that didn't fit into one of those categories.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 21 2019

       Nothing resembling a cuboid? Must be the Borg haven't bothered much with our pre-warp society.
RayfordSteele, Jan 21 2019

       Frankly, I think we ought to round up all the saucepan lid designers and ask them just where they got their "inspiration" from.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 21 2019

       "Form Follows Function" hardly counts as inspiration.   

       // Nothing resembling a cuboid? //   

       Since our Cube isn't noticeably aerodynamic, being optimized for interstellar travel, we don't tend to penetrate planetary atmospheres, because it uses a lot of energy for the deflectors, it's relatively slow, and sometimes bits get broken off. So, we just use our cloaking device, and glide into an orbit at about 100,000 km where we can conveniently transport down.   

       // Must be the Borg haven't bothered much with our pre-warp society //   

       We're only here for the comedy shows - CNN is one of the best. Some of their stand-up acts are priceless.
8th of 7, Jan 21 2019

       Cube? Ha - laughable. That needs to be bashed into a lumpy blob covered with craters. The Clangers can show you how to live proper lives.
xenzag, Jan 22 2019

       Clangers ? Panhandling little junk-merchants ... nothing more than ugly space wombles ...   

       // a lumpy blob covered with craters. //   

       Why do you want our Cube to be a likeness of your face ? Is it a vanity thing ?
8th of 7, Jan 22 2019

       Beware. The Clangers are attended to by The Soup Dragon. One word, and you will be reduced to binary digits without any of the 1's.
xenzag, Jan 22 2019

       Is ‘saucepan lids’ some sort of euphemism for ‘pot heads’? If so there could be a definite correlation with UFO sightings.
AusCan531, Jan 22 2019

       When I lived in San Francisco doing missionary work, I was a total pot head. I once cut off all of my very long hair and made it into a hair rat which was stored in the ice compartment of the fridge in a specimen bag. My only regret over that work is in having no photographic record. I could do it again, only this time make an ant colony from a million short hairs, or I could make this 8th's punishment for loitering around too long and making a noise.
xenzag, Jan 22 2019

       // The Soup Dragon. //   

       We have no fight with the Soup Dragon, indeed the soup is remarkably palatable. But those pointy-nosed pink chavs are another matter. They were initially very unpleasant about our Chicken, and said many cruel, nasty and hurtful things, for which we have not forgiven them. It was our first attempt at a robotic chicken, and there were a few teething (or rather, beaking) problems, but they were rude, discourteous and insulting.   

       Plus that musical boat of theirs is a right nuisance.   

       // One word, and you will be reduced to binary digits without any of the 1's. //   

       Your feeble threats do not frighten us, puny Earthling (although the one about the hair is a bit worrying).
8th of 7, Jan 22 2019

       Hums contentedly as the bowl fills up with the necessary supply of a million hairs, while the colony of ants get ready to strike individual poses for the event.
xenzag, Jan 22 2019

       //When I lived in San Francisco doing missionary work, I was a total pot head.//   

       Although revealing as an origin story, I'm not sure if anything about that sentence is surprising, nor am I sure about which part is most disturbing.
RayfordSteele, Jan 22 2019


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