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Watched Pot

A Stove that cools when watched
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This idea is based upon the old adage: "A watched pot never boils....." In this case an eye tracking camera (sensing IR retroreflection) can tell when the pot is actually under scrutiny, and accordingly lower the burner temperature sufficient to prevent boiling. First in a series of products designed to encourage popular superstitions.
molecat, Jan 06 2007

Pot Watch http://bz.pair.com/fun/potwatch.html
by blissmiss, illustrated by brisolz [xenzag, Jan 06 2007]


       Haha [+]
fridge duck, Jan 06 2007

       But, I find that pot often boils over while I'm in the other room? Then what?
flynn, Jan 06 2007

       I knew I had seen this title before - see link
xenzag, Jan 06 2007

       I've been robbed!!!!(Oh brissy) :-(
blissmiss, Jan 06 2007

       Thank you [xenzag] - I was certain that those had been called "Pot Watchers" and I wasted an hour and a half last night looking for them.
lurch, Jan 06 2007

       how about you do this for the kettle instead. I know it doen't quite fit the old saying, but makes for a more practical, practical joke.
shinobi, Jan 07 2007

       Can this pot also sense kettles in the vicinity and call them black?
hidden truths, Jan 07 2007

       mole, I have never done this, but in respect to Bris' drawing, and the very obvious fact that this idea is very halfbaked, even deserving of a place on Bris' mantle of drawings, would you?   

       It makes me choke up.
blissmiss, Jan 08 2007


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