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UN Citizenship for Refugees

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Refugees are basically swarming the West (and East). Often, they'll immediately apply for citizenship in their destination country for the obvious reason of increased personal or family security.

But, what happens when (for some) their homeland's crisis is over ? Now they have a superfluous citizenship and in some cases their birthland may reject them for technical reasons.

So, introduce UN citizenship. Participating countries draw up rights and responsibilities for both refugee and host-country (probably similar to landed-immigrant status, with some special provisos given that they have no homeland to return to). It isn't a free pass between participating countries, just a recognition of refugee status.

That way there's no function overload with systems designed for homegrown or regular-immigrant citizenship concerns.

FlyingToaster, Apr 28 2018


       Brilliant! [+]   

       Next step: convert the Pacific Garbage Patch (long term project), or one of the obscenely huge cruise ships not currently being used as a floating seniors' residence (short-term fix), and--voila!--the SS UN CitizenShip, a floating country where Everyone is a citizen of Everywhere!
Sgt Teacup, Apr 28 2018

       Not a "citizen of everywhere", something so they don't feel (justifiably, given their circumstances) obligated to make a big commitment to the host country for fear of being deported at some time... and yes, to keep them from butting in line ahead of regular immigrants.   

       Free travel between countries isn't suggested in the idea.
FlyingToaster, Apr 28 2018

       /Free travel between countries isn't suggested/ Agreed. It just seemed a friendlier statement than 'where No One is a Citizen of Anywhere' or 'where Everyone is a Citizen of Nowhere'.   

       The current refugee situation amounts to 'free' travel, since there is little oversight, a lot of angst, repeated shuffling back and forth between countries as welcomes are worn out, which carries the risk of death, and nobody seems to have a ready answer.   

       A 'boat as country' solves the problem of deportation, since the ship is permanently 'de-ported'.
Sgt Teacup, Apr 28 2018


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