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URLs, Mine & Ours

Images on web pages rotate through your favorites, rather than stock images off a server.
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I read blogs, sometimes. I also visit content heavy sites that provide many external links to commercial sites and to diversionary material for further exploration. In effect, sometimes 50% of my browser window is consumed by other than text.

Sites might encourage me to stay a little longer if images other than those of sponsors were to stay up. I can turn off image display, but I don't know if substitute images of my choosing can be fed to the placeholders. I'd like that, so what if it can be done?

reensure, May 30 2005

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       I use AdSubtract, which substitutes blank placeholders for ad images. As I read it, you'd like to substitue your own pictures? Good idea.
ldischler, May 30 2005

       what browser are you using [reensure], I reckon there's something that would do this for firefox.
neilp, May 30 2005


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