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Text only webpage

White. Black.
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I get spoiled with the HB. Then I try to read something on line and prancing pony images slow everything down. Funk fonts. Ads. When I try to rig the browser to show nothing it shows some red xs but everything is just as slow.

I want an option to display text as text and everything else as nothing.

bungston, Aug 11 2014

Lynx (web browser) https://en.wikipedi...x_%28web_browser%29
Lynx is a highly configurable text-based web browser [tatterdemalion, Aug 11 2014]

Low-res Halfbakery http://www.halfbakery.com/lr/
[hippo, Aug 12 2014]


       There's usually a way to turn off pictures in the browser and stuff like No Script script blocking program.   

       I'm not that interested in heavy swf file, or those links to google, googleapis, googlesyndication, twitter, facebook etc...   

not_morrison_rm, Aug 11 2014

       / It would still be there behind the façade / Is this true? Choosing not to render the stuff does not get a time savings?
bungston, Aug 12 2014

       I find even the Halfbakery to sometimes be too graphics-heavy, so I use the 'low-res' version at http://www.halfbakery.com/lr/ (see link). Every website should have a "/lr" version.
hippo, Aug 12 2014

       This is still too high-tech. Pages on the Halfbakery and other websites should be indexed in a catalog from which you can order copies-- text only, on newsprint --delivered to your home.
swimswim, Aug 12 2014

       Nothing to do with high or low tech [swim], it's about unsolicited junk mail / spam software adverts & plugins using up your PC's memory & processor when you'd prefer they don't.
Skewed, Aug 12 2014

       If you can't access it via an ASR-33 teletype, it's too sophisticated...
8th of 7, Aug 12 2014

       //so I use the 'low-res' version   

       Can't tell the difference....
not_morrison_rm, Aug 12 2014

       Shoud have gone to SpecSavers ...
8th of 7, Aug 12 2014


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