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USB Etch-a-sketch Controller

Two dials attached to a USB lead
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The single user version comes complete with a retro-style etch-a-sketch program, complete with rubber band noises that accompany your futile attempts to draw a car.

The corporate version comes with 100's of controllers and a network licence for a variant of Outlook that only allows users to send email via etch-a-sketch messages. This will make it easier for people to do some work instead of emailing someone else and asking them to do it instead. Either that or it'll make everyone very good at drawing with two little dials.

wagster, Jan 15 2009

Giant Etch-a-sketch GiantEtchasketch
For corporate presentations, in a similar vein. [Jinbish, Jan 16 2009]

Sketchduino http://joetcochran....ges.com/sketchduino
Arduino-driven Automated Etch-A-Sketch [joetcochran, Feb 09 2009]


       Pure genius.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 15 2009

       Why Outlook?
Spacecoyote, Jan 16 2009

       Because that's the only email program corporates use.
wagster, Jan 16 2009

       Other than {{{shudder}}} Lotus Notes...
zen_tom, Jan 16 2009

       Before I ever used it, I used to wonder what all the hype about Notes was.
Now that I have to use it, I still wonder. It seems to be a system which allows people who should absolutely not be allowed to design applications and databases to do so.
coprocephalous, Jan 16 2009

       I was given a Lotus notes account last week - haven't opened it yet. Not sure I want to now.
wagster, Jan 16 2009

       Draws a scratchy croissant, even though I have no idea as to what Lotus Notes is.
xenzag, Jan 17 2009

       I'd far rather have a USB-controlled etch-a-sketch, which could reproduce computer-drawn images by calculating exactly how to drive the two axes.
david_scothern, Jan 17 2009

       @david_scothern: See my link at left. Enjoy!
joetcochran, Feb 09 2009


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