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US Customs Merchandising

Put those post-flight pictures to good use.
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Now days all non-Americans photographed and finger printed when they arrive in America, on the basis that they might be Evil terrorists.

This is not too objectional by itself as if some mad, gun-crazed citizen kills the foreign visitor during their stay their corpse can at least be identified.

However US Customs are missing a mint. They could be selling personalised goods to people, with the value added via the information gathered. This would also demonstrate how divinely-ordained capitalism is going to beat the Evil ways of Evil people who worship Islam.

Here are some suggestions for logos:
* "President Bush II thinks I'm Evil"
* "I visted the divine haven of democracy all the way from godless [insert name of country]."
* "Please liberate [insert name of country], although maybe you could refrain from the 'bombing to rubble' stage first."
* "[insert name]: wanted for the crime of not being American."
* "Back home in [insert name of country] we understand irony, although we know this is not necessary to worship God, depose American-supported tyrants and liberate Oil."

Aristotle, Feb 13 2004


       Bake it. +++
jackottabox, Feb 13 2004

       It'd be cooler than the ones they have for rollercoasters. +
DonBirnam, Feb 13 2004

       please bake this now, hell buy some t-shirts and iron on transfers and stake out an airport, or the us canadian border, thinking about it poor canada stuck in between mainland US and alaska
engineer1, Feb 13 2004

       "They searched my rectum and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"
Worldgineer, Feb 13 2004

po, Feb 13 2004

       What color shirt?
Mr Burns, Feb 13 2004

Worldgineer, Feb 13 2004

       //What color shirt?// Not the color you are thinking of, that was already trade-marked by Aryan Nations.
kbecker, Feb 13 2004

       [Joe], perhaps you missed the sarcasm of the idea. Your recent Ameri-centric comments seem more than a bit nationalistic and closed-minded. I certainly hope you don't consider all non-Americans to be evil.
Worldgineer, Feb 13 2004

       Worldegineer: It was incoherent as well, so I deleted it.   

       However pro-war T-shirts could be sold as well, although the market would be limited by the US Customs current practise of refraining from treating US citizens in the same way as foreigners. I just hope that the picture is not taken at the start of the "internal cavity" search - if so maybe "I put up with THIS to assist America's safety" would be appropriate.   

       BTW I'm suprised no-one is selling Camp X-Ray boiler suits at the moment ...
Aristotle, Feb 14 2004

       My other shirt is Guchi.
Keep on Turk'n.
Iran... then I ran some more.
Canada or bust.

       DonBirnam, take that idea and run with it. On many roller coasters, there is an automated camera that captures you at the fastest, scariest, most upside-down part. Maybe take pictures during searches, and print cards?   

       what better symbolizes america than merchandising, anyway?
jgang, Feb 14 2004

       Full points for this fine idea. Although [World]'s shirt logo amused me the most.
bungston, Feb 14 2004

       How about rubber gloves "Certified by US Customs"?   

       T-Shirt = "I survived 'The Marigold Room'"   

       = "I've entered the US. US Customs have entered me"   

       = "All your cavities are belong us: US Customs"   

       = "US Customs: In God we trust, but in rubber made."   

       = "US Customs: In God we trust, but in cavities we thrust"
timbeau, Feb 18 2004


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