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URL Bait and Switch

Trick reputable companies into advertising your sleezy product
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Most of the major media companies screen their advertising to some extent. You're unlikely to see a full page ad for porn, gambling, or (insert your morally undesirable service here) in your local newspaper.

The solution should be easy enough. Run an ad campaign using just the name of your company and it's web page. Set up a nice, professional web page for some fictional service on your web page, or just a "coming soon" page. On the day the ad is run, switch the web page to your actual product. This technique is of course scalable from national news down to your local church bulletin or highschool yearbook.

Worldgineer, Oct 28 2004


       Baked, with the hijacking of links that commonly occurs.
normzone, Oct 29 2004

       Right, but that's different. This is intentional on the part of the advertiser.
Worldgineer, Oct 29 2004

       I read: a UB R/L switch, trans: right/left   

       to give our UB another perspective   

       just musing
dentworth, Oct 29 2004

       I'm wondering what fishbones really mean in the business:scam section. Does that mean you don't like it, or it wouldn't work?
Worldgineer, Nov 02 2004

       I think in this section, the fishbones are the scam.
zigness, Nov 03 2004


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