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U.S. Centre for Disease Innovation

Behind the curve
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Lots of regions and countries have diseases named after them; the Spanish flu, the Picardy sweats, West Nile fever to name but a few.

About the only thing the U.S. has to offer is Lyme disease.

In this area of innovation, the U.S. is singularly lacking - there's no "American flu" or "U.S. vomiting virus"*.

So as an outgrowth** of the CDC and USAMRIID, we suggest the establishment of an agency tasked and well-funded by Congress to develop and propagate uniquely American diseases under the banner of "American flu (or fever or whatever), a truly All-American disease to be proud of" (rampant gross obesity is a condition, not a disease).

*There are many American things that induce vomiting, but they're not infectious diseases.

**in the most literal way possible

8th of 7, Mar 20 2020


       we've outsourced that to China
theircompetitor, Mar 20 2020

       What did you pay for that ? Sounds like you got good value ... except for the name ....
8th of 7, Mar 20 2020


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