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Ubiquitious Freeze Dried Sperm

Make Freeze dried sperm that can be put on telephone directory coupons; ubiquitous high quality gametes give people a better choice than who they are with
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Freeze dried sperm heads are published as capable of fertilizing eggs as part of dish procedures, IVF is different than the idea here which is to make a freeze dried sperm product that can be put on telephone directory coupons, custom stamps, Consumer Reports magazine, beauty hairstyle magazines basically anyplace

various readers will have various feelings about heredity, there is much published data that such things as height, skin light reflectance, beauty, various forms of cleverness, as well as personality are strongly heritable [link]

My thought as a person that favors eugenics is that really wonderful genes, better than the ones I have, better than the ones a person out of a million has should be immediately cheaply available to people thinking about pregnancy

If genes that contributed to kindness, happiness, calmness, cleverness, beauty as well as superpowers like musical ability, being pleasant to raise as a child, or various orgasmic forms were as on the table as advertising many people would opt to go with popping the telephone book coupon n their vagina rather than going with the person the are currently with.

historically huge numbers of people just kind of were with who they were with; divorce approaches half the population, child support rates are what they are; If half the population went with the telephone book coupon genes their kids as well as their lives as active attentive mothers would be happier, with brighter futures.

now the technology

the big thing with reconstituted swimming human gametes is motility, there are no references suggesting they swim after reconstitution

Freeze dried sperm are adequate at fertilization among numerous species with IVF techniques

I think that tail structure can be preserved with these lab techniques jupiterscope thread; the jupiterscope is a wibbly vinyl diffraction grating [link] if you put a jupiterscope on a greasy window the grease will conform to the grating pattern creating a lipid array so precise it diffracts light, to me that suggests a lipid cartoning effect that sperm heads n tails can nest at prior to freezing, this creates a bunch of nesting, ice nucleation cavities around the sperm tail to guide crystallization minimizing structural harm

compressible creamy foam with microstructure; with this you use a jupiterscope like carton array to pattern a lipid or near lipid like a a super long CFC or silicone oil that is much more compressible than the lipid cytomembranes; there is also some published material that freeze dried enzymes double their biological activity when freeze dried with chlorofluorocarbons; none of the twelve pubmed reports on freeze dried sperm use chlorofluorocarbons as water volume replacers or protectants during the freeze drying process; water fluorocarbon emulsions are published as blood replacers I think having live sperm absorb fluorocarbons prior to freezing will minimize volume change

Noting that with research effort the freeze drying efficacy of a bacteria goes from "survival of Lb. coryniformis Si3 varied from less than 6% to over 70% between the different conditions" [link] I think making the freeze dried sperm telephone book coupons is possible

beanangel, Oct 02 2008

heritability of personality http://www.ncbi.nlm...ws&logdbfrom=pubmed
Psychological researchers typically distinguish five major domains of individual differences in human behavior: cognitive abilities, personality, social attitudes, psychological interests, and psychopathology (Lubinski, 2000). In this article we: discuss a number of methodological errors commonly found in research on human individual differences; introduce a broad framework for interpreting findings from contemporary behavioral genetic studies; briefly outline the basic quantitative methods used in human behavioral genetic research; review the major criticisms of behavior genetic designs, with particular emphasis on the twin and adoption methods; describe the major or dominant theoretical scheme in each domain; and review behavioral genetic findings in all five domains. We conclude that there is now strong evidence that virtually all individual psychological differences, when reliably measured, are moderately to substantially heritable. [beanangel, Oct 02 2008]

jupiterscope views http://images.searc...-501&ei=utf-8&x=wrt
the jupiterscope is a vinyl diffraction grating that makes copies when when pressed on oily glass [beanangel, Oct 02 2008]

survival of Lb. coryniformis Si3 varied from less than 6% to over 70% between the different conditions http://www.ncbi.nlm...nel.Pubmed_RVDocSum
freeze drying [beanangel, Oct 02 2008]


       Those who want sperm are more likely to go to a clinic. Those who don't, won't want jizz in their magazines. Creepy and impractical. (+)
Voice, Oct 02 2008

       And to think that I just resisted linking to cakefarts.com on the idea "Cake Router", then I come to this idea. Somedays being discreet fails to pay off.
normzone, Oct 02 2008

       Creepy and impractical indeed. And as I understand the idea, no claim or warrantee is being proffered. Just stick the card in your cootch and hope for the best? No scratch-n-sniff?   

       How about changing the packaging to a cotton swab in a sealed plastic sleeve. That prevents Andy, the local pervert from just splashing his seed in every magazine he can get his hands on.   

       I'm inclined to suggest waiting until women get a fair shake. Why shouldn't Maxim carry freeze dried ova? Of course, men will always have the upper hand (so to speak) if only in quantity.   

       One imagines (though one tries not to) well known authors including "samples" in their newest novel. Press 'releases' take on a whole new meaning. Picture the crowds of women in line at the gynecologist for paper cuts!   

       And when little Johnny asks "where did I come from" you can answer "the May 18th, 2010 New York Times."
phoenix, Oct 02 2008

       I remember, in one of my search-wanderings on the web, in landing up on the post in a forum of a teenaged boy who was wondering that if he left any of his contaminated clothing lying about, and his mom handled it, and then ... whether there was going to be ... complications.   

       This just makes me remember that again.
neelandan, Oct 02 2008

       In my experience the pages just end up stuck together.
lostdog, Oct 02 2008

       [rcarty], besides pregnancy and paternity, no. Are you insulting my four fathers?
4whom, Oct 02 2008

       [rcarty], i know someone who has exactly those anxieties. She's generally considered exotic in her thought processes.
nineteenthly, Dec 23 2008


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