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Ultrasonic Food Stirring

Stir your food with ultrasound
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This is an idea for a labor saving device to stir pot and pan contents on a stovetop automatically using ultrasonic waves. Ultrasounic waves would be transmitted into the pots and pans on the stovetop. In order to do this, ultrasound transducers would be mounted to the attachment points of the metal burner grates. Care would have to be taken to make sure this setup does not cause pots and pans to vibrate off of the stove.

A related idea would be to attach transducers to the floor of a microwave in order to prevent hot and cold spots without operator intervention and stirring.

ftzdomino, Dec 22 2005

(?) Self-Promotional [linky] Floatation_20Cereal_20Bowl
Floatation Cereal Bowl [dbmag9, Dec 22 2005]


       This is very similar to my idea, which uses the same thing basically, but to keep raisins from sinking in my breakfast. See [linky] and decide for yourself.
dbmag9, Dec 22 2005

       I would like to use this technique in a snow globe.
Ling, Dec 22 2005


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